The industrial and financial-services sectors are the main contributors to the high value added by the broadly diversified Liechtenstein economy.
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Argo Treuhand AG
Argo Treuhand AG is an independent Swiss trust company based in Zurich. Our broad range of expertise includes accounting, tax, finance and auditing in accordance with Swiss law. We also provide support during company foundations and in restructuring, organisational development and real estate projects. 

Regardless of a company’s size, the scope of activities involved in trusteeships is every bit as varied as everyday life in the business world. As a member of a group of independent companies that specialise in different areas, we offer our clients individual solutions tailored to their requirements whose scope goes far beyond our established business activities. 

Argo Treuhand AG

Holbeinstrasse 34
CH-8008 Zurich


Daniel Baumgartner

Managing Director and member of the Board of Directors

Swiss Certified Auditor and Certified Auditor for Liechtenstein


Phone +41 44 262 07 70