Vaduz Castle is clearly visible over Vaduz. It has been the permanent home of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein since 1938. The Princely Family acquired the castle in 1712.




Ahead of our time, dedicated to our clients, conscious of our roots.

Kafina Treuhand AG was founded on 11 September 1975. The Liechtenstein government licensed Kafina as an asset management and trust company. 
Friendly takeover as succession solution
The succession planning for Kafina saw it being acquired in a friendly takeover. Guido Wille-Minicus, Damian Wille, Daniel Baumgartner and Dr Alexander Stöckli together signed the purchase agreement on 1 January 2015. 
Strategic reorientation
The new owners brought extensive expertise in the fields of SMEs and international finance to the company. Kafina became part of a small group of companies:
Growing team of experts
New experts were brought into Kafina, which now provides an international network of institutions and specialists. This established the preconditions for developing new fields of business.
Handing over the reins at Argo Treuhand AG
With the friendly takeover of Argo Treuhand AG in Zurich, a new trust company joined the group. 
Much more than just a trust company
Kafina is positioning itself with a forward-looking, wide-ranging portfolio as a comprehensive financial-services provider, specialising in the requirements of SMEs and international private clients.